Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain

I saw the movie when it came out on DVD. Loved it. So when I saw that the story anthology I had to buy for a class I’m taking included the original short story by Annie Proulx I was excited to read it. I was not let down in the least. The story is beautifully crafted. The movie ripped images directly from Proulx’s pages and put them on the screen. She included incredible imagery and masterful character development. I felt my heart break for Jack and Ennis even more profoundly than I did when I watched the movie version. If you have access to this story, I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already.



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2 responses to “Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain

  1. Sam

    Hi there, I share your appreciation of ole Brokeback. Since seeing the film here in the UK, fourteen months ago, I have thought of it, and loved it, and contributed on the IMDb board about it ,almost to the point of obsession. Ennis and Jack are the most ‘real’ characters I have ever come across.

    The short story really is miraculous, how can a twenty year love affaire be distilled into thirty or so pages with such passion and detail, and yes, love? It’s phenomenal.

    Maybe I’ve taken it to heart with such intensity because Ennis’s story is, in so very many ways, mine.

    Best wishes

    “Jack leaned against the steady heartbeat”

  2. Hi Sam, Thanks for your comment on Brokeback. I was stunned by the beauty of the film, and even more stunned by the story. It was amazing to me that Proulx was able to fit two lives into such a short story and still make me care deeply about what happened to those two lives.

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