Contemporary Native American Political Issues by Troy Johnson

This semester, I’m taking a course called Contemporary Issues in Native American Culture.  There were two textbooks  required for this course, the one listed here, and Contemporary Native American Cultural Issues by Duane Champagne.  We haven’t yet delved into the Cultural Issues book yet, but we have read the first essay in the compilation by Troy Johnson. 

The first essay was by Ward Churchill regarding Native American tribal sovereignty.  I found this essay to be extremely hard to read.  Rather than using plain language, Churchill used what I like to call legalese.  For the average reader, the information that Chruchill was trying to get across was completely lost in the language.  His information was extremely interesting, once I got to the heart of it, but it took me a while to hack my way through the jargon.

With any luck, the rest of the essayists in the book will be a little easier to read and understand.  I’m enjoying this class, and because I have some Indian heritage, it’s important that I learn at least a little about my past.


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  1. Read Vine Deloria’s Custer Died for Your Sins, Ella Cara Deloria’s Waterlily and Speaking of Indians, read Elizabeth Lynn-Cook’s works, read God Is Red–read anything but not some TEXTbook if you want to learn about Native American Issues–heck, please read Maze of Injustice available online for free via Amensty International’s site. Read The Business of Fancy Dancing by Sherman Alexie.
    good luck

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